Sleeping is not something as simple as just closing your eyes. For our body, even an activity as "simple" as sleeping is a process that must go through different phases to fulfill its objective, which is to maintain the balance of energy in our body to preserve alertness and mood during the day, in addition to multiple health benefits that sleep properly brings.


Going through each of the stages of sleep is very important for timely rest. Sleep apnea can interrupt this cycle and prevent you from falling asleep properly.


1.    Drowsiness stage: It is approximately the first 10 minutes of sleep, in which we fall asleep.

2.    Light sleep stage: This occupies approximately 50% of the sleep cycle. Here, our breathing and heart rate slow down. (The sensation of falling occurs in this phase)

3.    Transition stage: This is the shortest phase, approximately 2 or 3 minutes in which we enter deep sleep

4.    Deep sleep stage: This is defined as the most important stage since this is where the quality of our rest is determined, our breathing and blood pressure decrease even more.

5.    REM sleep phase (rapid eye movement) or paradoxical sleep stage: In this phase, we have high brain activity and there is a constant movement of the eyes. This is where we dream.

at Lakeside Sleep solutions - Texas we are interested in you meeting all your sleep phases to have a better quality of life and health in general, we offer you a timely diagnosis to start with a sleep apnea treatment.


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